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It’s FINISHED. #retrofury

The sound design for Retro Fury is delicious. Toffee fudge sundae levels of deliciousness. Not only do I take my hat off to James and Andy, I set the hat on fire and kick it off the roof.

Amelia Tyler who plays HARMONY in Nights at the Round Table will leap out of a plane to raise money for Cancer Research UK.

£3000 is sickeningly close… Someone push it over the edge!


Shot a quick interview scene for episode 3.5, and also showed Natalie (Jess) some of her footage for the first time ever!

Hope you all had a good Easter weekend!

Want to see episode 3.1 TOMORROW? We’ll be previewing it at the screening for our new short film…


On May 3rd, 4th and 5th we’ll be shooting the two part finale to Nights at the Round Table. If you have a love for Nerf guns, and casually leaping through the air while firing them… then get involved!

One final VFX shot to arrive, and that’s a video lock on Retro Fury! I can’t wait to share this one…